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NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

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    If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing your hair thinning, NeoGraft® may work well in reversing this problem. NeoGraft® involves harvesting hair follicles (generally from the back of the head) to be transplanted into the areas of the scalp where baldness and thinning hair are present. People who seek hair restoration in Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia often come to us for NeoGraft® treatment because of our ability to do the job right.



    •   No traditional “strip” harvesting is used

    •   Treatment is minimally invasive

    •   Little to no discomfort

    •   No linear scar is left on the head

    Our Technology

    The technology that we have here at our hair restoration center allows us to harvest hair follicles for transplant easily. Each hair follicle is retrieved with the use of controlled pneumatic pressure, which doesn’t involve twisting or pulling and can leave hair follicles better intact for transplanting. Once the hair follicles have been harvested and transplanted to the treatment areas of your scalp, new hair will start to grow naturally, leaving you with long-lasting results. You also won’t be forced to endure a long recovery period after treatment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly will I see results?


    For most people, new hair begins to grow three to four months after treatment. It should be noted that the transplanted hair follicles will shed two to three weeks after being implanted before new hair growth occurs, so you shouldn’t panic and think that your new hair is falling out if you notice these hair follicles shedding.



    Can I treat my transplanted hair like my other hair?


    Once the new hair from the transplanted hair follicles has grown, it can be combed, cut and dyed like the rest of the hair on your head.



    Will additional treatments be needed?


    You’ll likely need to undergo additional treatments periodically to maintain results. Hair loss is often genetic and won’t stop completely even after your initial treatment, and the exact number of additional treatment sessions that you’ll need to keep your hair full will be recommended by our staff.


    If you think that hair restoration in Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia with NeoGraft® will be right for you, our luxury hair restoration center has the technology and experienced staff to give you excellent service. Contact us today for more details.

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